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Published October 28, 2014
Written by ROUSH Garage

The ROUSH Garage is now the official web community of ROUSH Performance, providing like-minded Ford performance enthusiast a place to talk, meet new friends, share stories, find information, and even find and list used products. The goal is to support the Ford performance lifestyle with a parts, vehicles, racing, driving, and gatherings.

So, please explore the site. Their are articles, forums, and a robust event calendar. If you have ideas on what you’d like to see, would like to share a story, or have a trouble using the site, please contact us.

Thank you for participating!

-The ROUSH Garage Staff

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5 Responses
  1. Family of Roushes – Mine 02 Stage 3 Rally and 11 5XR. Daughter has a V6 Clone and son in law has 2000 Stage 3 clone

  2. no Roush here, but four mustangs

  3. Dan said on June 11, 2015

    I have a 2012 stage 3 Hyper Mat it Mango #6 of 20.
    They were supposed to make 26 but they only made 20.
    I also have a 64 1/2 and a 69 Fastback that I’m restoring.

  4. 1970 Boss 302 , brought new

  5. Hello to all the Roushkateers! I am the new and proud owner of a beautiful 2015 RS3 and let me just say that I am in Love! She is amazing! However…I am experiencing high idle RPMs and not sure why. I picked her up at Tindol Ford in NC and drove her to Colorado Springs. The ride was so smooth with no issues until I arrived in the Springs. My thought was altitude so I disconnected the battery to have her re-learn the throttle but it did not work. Any other owners experiencing this issue?